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New Reader Spotlight: Kristina Woods

New Reader Spotlight: Kristina Woods

What kind of readings do you do?

I use my clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairempathic gifts to see, sense, and feel energetic blocks and intrusions that create physical, spiritual, relational, and emotional challenges, and I work to remove them from the energy field. I call in guardian angels, guides, and archangels to assist with my work, to help with clearing the energy field and connect with clients, offering messages of love, guidance, and support. I also use my gifts to identify, communicate with, and clear any energies or beings in a person’s energy field that are not in their highest good, including earthbound spirits, dark energies, and other energetic intrusions. I connect with family members who have not yet crossed into the light and those that have to provide comfort and healing for clients.

How do your unique gifts manifest in your readings?

I am able to interact directly with blocks and intrusions that are negatively effecting people’s lives and well-being and remove them. When an earthbound spirit or dark energy is present, I interact with them directly and cross them into the light, often with the help of Archangel Michael and his angels. Through this interaction, I can work to understand what caused the earthbound spirit to stay or how the dark energy evolved to become what it has, and release it into the Light.

What do you have to offer your clients that other readers may not?

I have a deep understanding of how to support those struggling with feelings related death and loss and those experiencing crisis. I have a professional background in suicide prevention, and I am trained in ‘active listening’ and know how to ‘hear’ clients and their pain and offer them support. I have my Advanced Reiki certification, as well as Level I Animal Reiki certification. I use my gifts to work with animals to help them heal their emotional and physical wounds. I also support clients in learning to expand their energetic boundaries; teach people to use their pendulum as a way of accessing their higher self and getting answers to life’s questions; and teach people about space clearing.

What else would you like us to know?

That I am compassionate and wish to create a safe space for people to grieve, release what no longer serves them, and open up to angelic love and guidance.

Kristina Woods is available to read every Wednesday at Body Mind & Soul from 3:00 – 6:00 pm. Please call to book – 713-993-0550.

kristina2016_smallKristina is a medium, energy worker and Advanced Reiki practitioner who works with people, animals, and spaces. She has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and spent many years working in crisis, suicide and gun violence prevention and intervention in the non-profit field.  Kristina is committed to guiding humans toward a peaceful and loving coexistence with each other, animals and the planet.