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Our Gift of Angel Guidance

Our Gift of Angel Guidance

With the holidays approaching fast, we here at Body Mind & Soul want to give back to you with two unique angel readings.  Kevin, our tarot reader and astrologer, has prepared an angel tarot reading just for you with important messages for the holiday season. And Anna, our crystal and tarot reader, has a special message from Archangel Michael and a crystal recommendation to get you through this hectic time. But our greatest gift of all is the December Angel Experience we’ve prepared just for you. With three angel-themed workshops that are easy on the schedule and the budget, and one free pinnacle event, we’re doing our part to make sure your season is truly divine.

Doreen Virtue’s angel tarot deck. $19.99

Angel Tarot

A 3-Card Reading for The Holidays


In the first card, Ten of Fire, we get a warning not to overburden ourselves with too many responsibilities, but to slow down and not try to say “yes” to everything. At this time of year, we may be tempted to do way too much. Instead, we need to focus on setting boundaries and avoiding the temptation to run ourselves ragged. If we don’t commit to time out, we will find ourselves worn down and our health adversely affected.


In the second card, Queen of Earth, we are reminded to care for our physical bodies at this busy time. It’s important that we not neglect our routines of self care, and that we take a sensible approach to the season, supporting ourselves with a nourishing diet, plenty of rest, and reasonable exercise.


In our final card, Nine of Fire, we are reminded that discernment and prioritizing are key to heeding the wisdom in the first two cards. Pick and choose those things that you really want to do this season and stick to them. Weed everything else out so that you can follow through on the commitments that matter to you most. These are your keys to having a very happy holidays!

If you want to learn more about using Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Cards in a fun, supportive environment, then check out my Connecting with the Angel Tarot Cards class!


The Big Book of Angel Tarot is a guide for using Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Cards. $15.95

Angel Crystals

Archangel Michael: Sugilite

Archangel Michael is an angel of protection. He arrives with a sword of light ready to fend off any negative energy which might be impacting our lives.  As an angel of protection, we might imagine Michael as he is often depicted, standing victoriously over the devil, sword raised high. We may think Michael’s greatest task is slaying our foes or enemies, those who wish to do us harm, but in fact, Michael is most often employed to slay our own fears—those feelings of anxiety, dread, and hopelessness which stand in the way of us living our highest good. All too often, our greatest enemy is right inside of us, holding us prisoner to our fear.

Sugilite – stone of divine love. $25

The opposing energy of fear is love. And so, Michael’s sword of light is a weapon of supreme and divine love. In this regard, he aligns uniquely with the vibration of sugilite, a crystal known to connect with the heart of God and carry the energy of divine, unconditional love. Sugilite opens the crown chakra, restoring our connection with Spirit. During the holiday season, it is easy to get bogged down in the rush—the shopping lists, seasonal traffic, and full calendar. We can end up losing our sense of presence and neglect our contact with the sacredness of the season. When that happens, fears, stressors, and anxieties creep in. A little piece of sugilite in your home or pocket can go long a way in dispelling our worries and inviting Archangel Michael’s light and love into every special day.

If you’re looking to acquire a deeper connection to the angelic realms and need a little “lift”, be sure and sign up for my December class, Crystals for Angel Connection!