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Selenite is an amazing crystal. Beautiful and with a moon-like glow, the stunning crystals were named for the Greek word for moon, selene. A variety of gypsum, it is incredibly soft, and should be kept away from water.


Selenite has a multitude of metaphysical and healing uses. It is a crystal of purity, and has often been claimed to cleanse other stones. It is wonderful for clearing space and keeping it clear, and as an added benefit, it also attracts positive energy.

Because of its connection with the moon, Selenite has long been believed to increase psychic abilities and raise spiritual awareness. It likewise soothes emotional upsets and it brings harmony to people, spaces, and relationships.

Sacred to the Goddess, selenite connects us with the sacred feminine, bringing more of her blessings into our lives   qualities like love and compassion, mercy, beauty, and intuition.

In recent years, selenite has become valuable as a home decor item, replacing gas logs in fireplaces, and being employed in light fixtures and for decorative purposes. And while some may never recognize the added benefits of their decor, bringing a selenite log into your home helps promote an environment of peace and tranquility.


As if all of this weren’t enough, selenite is also a powerful crystal for angelic communication, opening channels between ourselves and the divine and increasing experiences of clairaudience and clairvoyance. Being able to see and hear our angels heightens our experience of divine intervention and allows us to feel connected to heaven even as we walk here on earth.

If you’d like to bring some beautiful selenite into your life, come check out our recent delivery of selenite logs. Having received these from a new supplier at a great buy, we are excited to offer them at a much lower price point than before and offer a 10% discount if you purchase three or more at one time.

To learn more about crystals and stones and how they can benefit you, check out this weekend’s workshop, Crystals & Stones: The Basics taught by Anna Silver. Anna is a certified crystal healer and a certified master crystal reader and teacher.

If you’d like to learn more about angels and how to communicate with them, visit our July 10th class, Connecting with Angels for Children (and their parents) taught by Brandi Kahn. Brandi is a certified angel therapy practitioner and has trained under Doreen Virtue.

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    Denise Welling