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Setting Your Thanksgiving Table with Intention

Setting Your Thanksgiving Table with Intention

Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away, and now is the time to reflect on what this holiday means to you and your family, and think about how you want to celebrate it this year. At Body Mind & Soul, our focus is on bringing meaning and purpose and mindfulness into everything we do. So that has us thinking, how can we approach Thanksgiving with more presence and intention this year? How can you?

The focus of any Thanksgiving gathering is the table. Heaped with carefully prepared and delicious dishes, the table is what we gather around. It’s where we share our hearts and our meals. It’s where we connect and feel like family. And it’s where we can highlight the intentions we hold for this special day and the many days to follow.

You may already have a special tablecloth, or a set of heirloom carving knives, or a beautiful holiday platter that you bring out for the Thanksgiving table every year. Tradition holds a special place in our hearts and minds on days like this. But we want to challenge you to think beyond the standard trappings of a seasonal feast, and encourage you to make room at your table for spirit as well.

Maybe you could signal the beginning or end of your holiday prayer before the meal with a Tibetan prayer bowl or an energy-clearing chime? Bells and chimes bring our focus back to the present moment, and the power of sound vibration shifts energy, allowing us to move into greater harmony with one another.

Perhaps you could light candles in your favorite amethyst cluster candle-holders? Amethyst ushers in feelings of peace and serenity, promotes cooperation, and has long been recognized for increasing sobriety. Placing amethyst on your table can help ensure your feast is a peaceful affair, as well as as an engaging one.

There are so many ways you can dress your table to reflect your intentions using the beautiful tools you may have already gotten from our store, or ones you’ve been thinking of acquiring. Flower of Life crystal grid templates can be placed under plates and platters to infuse the food with sacred geometry.

Rose quartz tumbles can be handed out, allowing each person to say what they are thankful for about the days behind, and then visualize their intention for the days to come as they hold and program their crystal. Water can be poured from gem elixir bottles to program beverages with feelings of love and gratitude. Pyrite clusters placed between dishes can hold space for another bountiful year to come.

Burning sage before or after your gathering can clear space for what is and what you hope will be. And burning incense like Frankincense during the meal relaxes guests and promotes positive feelings.

We hope your holidays are full of joy, peace, love, and prosperity. And we hope that we can do our part to help you realize new twists on old traditions, as you birth your dreams for the new year this holiday season.