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Slow Down and Reconnect with the upcoming Full Moon in Taurus        

Slow Down and Reconnect with the upcoming Full Moon in Taurus        

The Moon will be full in the sign of Taurus Wednesday, October 24th.  During a full moon the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree.  Full moons bring about completions and illuminate what has been hidden and this particular full moon makes a conjunction to Uranus the planet of surprises and the unexpected.

Since Taurus is a sign associated with money and possessions you could see a stroke of good luck in the financial department and with unpredictable Uranus involved it could come out of blue.  On a side note, the Moon is exalted in Taurus meaning our Lunar Lady is very happy and typically performs very well when in the sign of the Bull.

Unlike last month’s full moon in the fiery excitable sign of Aries, Taurus is a sign that craves security, stability, a slower pace, and rest.  This can be a full moon that brings the realization that you’ve been moving too fast and need to slow down and reconnect with your body.  If you haven’t been eating right or taking care of your body this is the time to take a break and do something good for yourself.

This may take a bit more effort on your part because the Uranus conjunction to this full moon can tempt you to keep the breakneck pace at all costs.

Slowing down, telling people no, and disengaging from others’ expectations will put some much needed energy back into your system.

During this full moon, Mercury will in the deep and intense sign of Scorpio and stay there until October 31.   Mercury is linked to the mind and communication.  Superficial and ‘fluffy’ is out; our thinking becomes deeper and so do our conversations. Intimacy falls under the domain of Scorpio so there’s a good chance you’ll finally have that discussion you’ve been putting off.  That conversation could deal with finances since Scorpio, like Taurus, is related to money and possessions.  Negotiations about property, taxes, and inheritances fall under the rulership of Mercury in Scorpio.

Keep in mind that Scorpio can also be a paranoid sign, so beware of falling into the trap of playing a previous conversation over and over in your head wondering what the other person ‘really meant’.

With Taurus and Scorpio so prominent this month a common relationship problem can have one partner invested in keeping things status-quo (Taurus) while the other partner wants to go deeper (Scorpio).

The person wanting to keep things as they are can accuse their partner of spoiling a good thing with a lot of unnecessary emotional drama.  Adding to the tension in relationships, Venus the planet of love is retrograde in Scorpio.  It is important that we take a breath and not do anything impulsive when it comes to relationships.  You’ll be better served in these kinds of situations if you stop, consider the other’s point of view and think about how you may be contributing to the drama.

We can probably all agree this is easier said than done but in the end it could strengthen the relationship and bring the two of you closer.  Venus remains retrograde until November 16th.

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