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Solar  Eclipse in Leo by astrologer Kevin Casey

Solar  Eclipse in Leo by astrologer Kevin Casey


We have a Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, at 1:16 pm CST.  A Solar Eclipse happens when the new moon moves between the Sun and the Earth.  This creates a conjunction( two planets next to one another in the same sign) between the Sun and the Moon.

Solar Eclipses are a major event in astrology and they get our attention by shaking us up.  Solar Eclipses get us to look at our lives from a new perspective, a perspective we may not have considered before.

If we’re in a rut or have our blinders on they’ll wake us up. Eclipses can be painful and difficult depending on our level of denial or willingness to deal with what is going on right in front of us.

Leo is a sign that literally rules the heart so if we’ve been making decisions based on what is rational and logical this eclipse gives us an opportunity to engage the heart again. In fact, Leo is a very prominent sign for us this year, back in May the North Node (where we are headed) moved into Leo and the South Node (where we’ve been) moved into Aquarius.

Like I mentioned in a previous post Aquarius focuses on what is best for the whole, the group but Leo places the focus on me.  If we haven’t been taking care of ourselves or putting ourselves way down on the priority list we can certainly get a wake-up call now.

Some of us may have placed our goals and dreams on hold because we’ve over committed ourselves to others and to change that means we run the risk of disappointing others.  Years ago someone helped me with this dilemma when he asked me, would you rather be popular or effective? Not always an easy decision.

Helping us with change during this eclipse will be the planet Uranus which will make a trine (easy aspect) to the Moon and the Sun.  This can have us feeling excited and optimistic about change.  Once we decide to change, to take care of ourselves, we can feel a great sense of freedom.

Change and shake up are words associated with Uranus and the Moon is associated with home so some of us may be thinking about or planning a move.  If we do decide to move remember we are still in Mercury Retrograde until September 5 so we need to be sure that we read a contract over thoroughly.

***Kevin Casey and Deborah Cutler are hosting an event tonight for the solar eclipse***

Mon, August 21, 2017

7:45 PM – 10:00 PM CDT

At the Houston Yoga Ayurvedic Wellness Center LLC

13602 Kluge Road

Cypress, TX 77429

The agenda for this evening eclipse celebration will be as follows:

-Small Introduction of all participants

– Energy Circle

– Special Guest, Astrologer Kevin Casey will talk in depth about: 1) How the energy of this Eclipse will affect us and the planet. 2) The meaning of this particular New Moon. 3) The numerology of the day.

– Few minutes of introspection so we can all let go of what we no longer want and/or serves a purpose in our lives.

– Setting intentions for us and for the planet.

– Cleansing Ceremony

– Meditation with the sound of Crystal Bowls tuned to 432Hz.

– Energy Circle

Please bring a yoga mat, white paper and a pen.

For questions and/or additional information please call or text Deborah Cutler at 832-971-7030

In exchange and flow of energy, Donations are Appreciated



About Kevin Casey:  Kevin will use all the cosmic knowledge he knows, Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology to help you find out what time it is in your own life. This isn’t about transcending your ego or trancing out of your body. Kevin’s readings are fun and are about helping you to suit up and show up for the life that is in front of you right now. Kevin reads at Body Mind & Soul Tuesday, Fridays and the third Sunday of the month.