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Space Clearing Basics

Space Clearing Basics

One of the most common questions we get in the store is, “How do I clear my home or office of negative energy?”

Space clearing is an ancient, universal practice. Today, the most common form of space clearing is through smudging. The practice of smudging is most notably attributed to Native Americans, who have long employed the burning of holy or medicinal plants to create sacred space. We carry an extensive selection of smudge products in the store and online for you, but for those who are new to the practice, our “Wall of Smudge” can look a little daunting. So we got together and went over this subject in our last staff meeting in order to bring you a series of informative posts and our ideal starter kit.

To begin, you want to choose the smudge product that is right for you. The simplest and most versatile choice would be a sage wand. In order to burn your sage safely and effectively, we also recommend you pick up an abalone shell to hold your burning wand and a feather to fan the smoke. Not only are abalone shells and feathers the traditional and natural choice for these roles, but the shell will keep burning cinders from reaching your carpet or furniture while the feather will allow you to direct the smoke where it needs to go.

White Sage Pack$15

Ideally, we recommend that you set an intention for your smudge practice. Saying a simple prayer before beginning, or stating what you’d like to see happen as a result, are easy ways to do this. Light your wand at one end, and blow a little if necessary to really help it catch. Laying your wand to one side in the shell, use your other hand to fan the smoke with your feather. It is best to start at the entrance of your room or space and move in a clockwise direction around the circumference. If you are clearing a home or office with many rooms, follow the natural flow from one room to the next.


When you find yourself back where you started, the ritual is almost complete. You can put out your wand by stamping it in some sand or running it under a little water. Be sure it is completely out! Now that your space is clear, you can move into the final phase, space blessing. Look for our next post to learn more about space blessing and moving beyond a simple clearing practice.

If you are just starting out or need to stock up all at once, we’ve gone ahead and put together a one-stop-shop bundle to meet your needs. Our “Ultimate Smudge Bundle” is an internet-exclusive offer and includes our favorite sacred products for a complete clearing and blessing experience. This great value qualifies for free shipping, making it an ideal choice for local and non-local shoppers alike.

In your Body Mind & Soul Ultimate Smudge Bundle you will receive:

  • 1 desert + white sage combination wand (approximately 9″)
  • 1 large abalone shell (approximately 6″)
  • 1 white ceremonial feather
  • 1 Positive Energy reiki-charged yellow candle
  • 1 bottle Smudge in Spray space-clearing mist (2 oz.)
  • 1 copy of Sage & Smudge: The Ultimate Guide by Diane Ronngren
  • 1 FREE jet palm stone
Body Mind & Soul Ultimate Smudge Bundle$70 
(Please call to request your Ultimate Smudge Bundle - 713-993-0550)
If you would like to learn more about space clearing, please join Kristina Sunday, August 18th, from 2:00 - 4:00 pm for her class, Space Clearing for Beginners. Click here to register!


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