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Straighten Up with the Full Moon in Sagittarius

Straighten Up with the Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Make Your "Yes" mean Yes and Your "No" Mean No

The moon will be full in the sign of Sagittarius this Monday, June 17, at 3:31 am CST. Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree, creating a sense of tension. In this particular case, the sun is in Gemini and the moon is in the opposite sign of Sagittarius.

Full moons illuminate what is hidden and represent a time of culmination and fulfillment. Sagittarius is a fire sign that is associated with expansion, possibilities, and enthusiasm. If you’ve been stuck, not knowing what to do in a particular situation, a Sagittarius full moon can present possibilities and solutions you didn’t or couldn’t see before. It’s like opening a window to your problem to let some fresh air in.

Sagittarius can be a gypsy, a thrill seeker, and a philosopher all rolled into one.  Are your beliefs about life still serving you, or have they become stale and restrictive? Are you ready to take a chance and move into new territory, or are you having a crisis of faith? A Sagittarius full moon is about embracing the spirit of the seeker and restoring your faith and belief in yourself. 

In the tarot deck, the Ten of Wands is the card associated with this full moon. The image on this card in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck is a man hunched over carrying ten wands on his back; it looks awkward and difficult to say the least. It’s time to look at the responsibilities you’re carrying. I know you’ve made a commitment to others and told them you’d be there through the thick and thin, but this is no longer sustainable and you’re starting to crack under the pressure. You need help, you may need to let go of some of those commitments. 

For some this is an old and ancient pattern that goes way back to your childhood.  If you’re a “yes” person who rarely says no when asked for help, it may be time to break that pattern. What can be delegated to others? What responsibilities can be shared or need to be shared? In her book, Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot, Pamita talks about entrepreneur Derek Sivers' advice on when to say yes or no to another responsibility. He says if the answer isn’t a “hell yes” then it’s a no. So going forward, if you don’t feel the “hell yeah” vibe, then say no. 

Numerology: Focus on the Long Haul

This month is a universal 9 month in numerology. We are in a 3 Universal Year (2+0+1+9=12, 1+2=3), and June is a 9 Universal Month (we add the 3 Universal Year to the current month June, 3+6=9). The 3 vibration this year is about investing in our long term happiness. This means we put our time and energy into those things that will bring us closer to our long term goals. Since June is a 9 month, and 9 is linked to endings and closure in numerology, now is the time to let go and clear out those situations that no longer serve us or have a place in our lives.

Put the Universe on notice by declaring this act of cleaning and clearing out as a ritual; let the Universe know you’re clearing out the old to make room for the new. You can ritualize your act of clearing out by smudging your home with burning sage, cleaning the clutter out of old closets and drawers, rearranging a room or two, or applying feng shui principles to your home or office. 

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