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Get Down to Earth with the Supermoon in Virgo

Get Down to Earth with the Supermoon in Virgo

The moon is on her way to being full in the earthy sign of Virgo, Monday March 9, at 12:48 pm CST. Not only is this a full moon, but it is also being classified as a supermoon. Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree, creating a sense of tension—so, we may feel at odds with ourselves—while a supermoon is a full moon that looks larger than usual because it is closer to the Earth.

During this particular lunation, the sun will be in the watery sign of Pisces, while the moon will be in the opposite, earthy sign of Virgo. In astrology, the moon rules our emotions, so it only makes sense that during a supermoon, our feelings are apt to be amplified. Because our emotions are running on high, we may need to pause before we speak, otherwise we may say something we’ll later regret. 

Some keywords associated with Pisces are imagination, surrender, fantasy, dreamy, poetic, and boundless. Keywords for Virgo are practical, analytical, detailed, clear, efficient, and discerning. As you can see, Pisces and Virgo have very different energiesthey’re opposites. While Pisces craves fantasy and otherworldliness, Virgo lives for practicality and a sense of groundedness.

A common dilemma during a Virgo/Pisces lunation centers around surrender (Pisces) vs getting to work (Virgo).  If you’ve been in control-freak mode—the dark side of Virgopushing for a particular outcome, it may be time to admit you’re exhausted and powerless in this situation and it’s time to let it go (Pisces).  Your attempts to make something happen just aren’t working. Letting go isn’t defeat, but the realization that the Universe may have a better plan. Years ago, I went to hear Marianne Williamson speak, and she said something I’ll never forget: “God hasn’t lost your file.” In other words, take a deep breath and relax.

Neither Virgo or Pisces tend to be outlandish and showy. Both signs tend toward the introspective. If you’ve always put your career first, it may be time to rethink your priorities and factor in a bit more down time. Maybe you’re at a point in your life where a reflective, introspective lifestyle is more appealing. As we would say in 2020, you’re looking for work/life balance.

Last and certainly not least is the ultimate Virgo/Pisces conundrum, reality versus illusion. Pisces can be the ultimate romantic, while Virgo plays the ultimate analyst. Of course, our romantic life is the ultimate playing field for the fantasy/ reality dichotomy. If you’ve been fooling yourself about someone and living in la-la-land, a Virgo full moon can bring you back to earth lickety-split. That all-consuming, intense “love” you’re feeling may just be the pain and agony of unrequited love. 

Mercury retrograde ends on the same day as the full moon, March 9, so we’re released from the clutches of Mercury retrograde until June 18.