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Teacher + Healer Spotlight: Soufiane Sattva

Teacher + Healer Spotlight: Soufiane Sattva

Soufiane has been a staple here on the sales floor of Body Mind & Soul for several years and is of great benefit to our customers. He has pursued a background in sound and crystal healing in his own time. We are so excited to add him to our gifted reader list and share his exciting new classes and workshops with you. We wanted to sit down with him and ask a few questions to introduce his talents to our followers and customer base.

Tell us a little bit about the unique services you now offer here at Body Mind & Soul. 

When you book a Chakra Balancing and Alignment session, you will be taken on a transformative journey through the chakras utilizing three different energy healing modalities—Crystal Therapy, Reiki & Sound Therapy. Crystal Therapy employs the healing power of crystals to balance and align your chakras. While you are in a meditative state, each of the seven chakras are tested using a pendulum to determine the spin (balance) of the chakra. Next, crystals which correlate to your determined needs are laid along each chakra. The vibration and frequency of each crystal aids in bringing your chakras in alignment with a balanced spin. Then, Reiki is applied to each individual chakra. During this process life force energy (chi, prana, or qi) is channeled to the chakra to aid in the clearing, balancing, and aligning of each one. Finally, while you continue to lay in a meditative state, traditional Tibetan sound bowls coupled with crystal sound bowls are played so you may experience the healing affects of a sound bath. Each sound bowl is tuned to 432hz frequency—an alternate tuning mathematically consistent to the pure nature of the universe which transmits beneficial healing energy. Once the three energy modalities have been applied, all excess energy is swept away utilizing a selenite wand, and the healing energies are sealed so you may begin your personalized healing journey.

Tell us a bit about the new class you’re planning for this spring at Body Mind & Soul.

 A Transformative Journey through Energy and Sound is an opportunity for you to experience the healing benefits of Reiki and Sound Therapy for yourself.  Sandra Thrash and I have designed an occasion for you to balance your body’s vital energies through a unique combination of Reiki and Sound Therapy. In a small group setting, we will discuss the importance of intention-setting, followed by a group meditation based on intention.  We then seamlessly flow into a sound bath designed specifically for the lower chakras, followed by Reiki aimed at your lower chakras. As you remain in a meditative state, we then move into a sound bath targeting your higher chakras, once again followed by Reiki— this time aimed at your upper chakras. If you are experiencing anxiety, lack of focus, and feeling fatigued, this is a chance for you to unwind, relax, and reconnect after a long day at work or school. Gift yourself with a sense of balance and well-being.

How do your unique gifts manifest in your services and classes?

Intuition, a gift we all possess, is used in the services and classes offered by myself here at Body Mind and Soul. I tap into Source and allow for guidance while I am being used as a conduit to help spark the healing you desire. All intuitive information received during sessions is used for our highest and greatest good and is shared with you at the end of your personal session.

What do you have to offer your clients and students that others may not?  

Your experience begins in a healing space with open, non-judgmental communication, which contributes to your well-being and activates within you your own ability to heal. Each day is a chance to start anew, reset, and balance your vital energies, and my intention is to provide you with a new positive outlook on life.

What else would you like us to know?

In every moment of life, we have a chance to make a decision which directly effects our lives in one way or another.  If you are ever feeling anxious and depressed or just want to celebrate the wonderful world we live in, please stop by the store and let’s have a chat. I am always available to assist you in changing the momentum of your life or celebrating all life has to offer. As a good friend told me once before, “We have to help and support each other.” This is what I would like to do for you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You can join Soufiane in his upcoming class A Transformative Journey Through Reiki Energy & Sound Therapy here at Body Mind & Soul Thursday, April 25th, from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Please click here to register.


SoufianeSattva-80x100ppi_largeSoufiane Sattva is a caring, compassionate and understanding Conscious Lifestyle Specialist. He is a Certified Crystal Healer and Second Degree Reiki practitioner, and will use his knowledge of vibrational healing to clear and balance your chakras (non-physical energy vortexes along the spinal column). Soufiane aims to create a space of healing with open non-judgmental communication, which contributes to your well being, and activates within you your own ability to heal. Each day is a chance to start anew, reset and balance your vital energies with vibrational healing through the chakras.