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The Fundamentals of Fairy Houses

The Fundamentals of Fairy Houses

Fairy houses have become a popular search term on sites like google images, Instagram, and Pinterest. And it’s no wonder, the tiny dwellings are inspiring, whimsical, and dreamy. But there’s more to building a fairy house than just crafting and creativity. Fairy houses are a sacred art that connect us to nature, spirit, and magic. Done right, they become portals to another world.


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On Saturday, July 23rd, I’ll be teaching my popular Make Your Own Fairy House class again, where every participant leaves with a finished product. In this class we create individual fairy houses step by step, and all necessary tools and materials are provided. But if you’d like to try fairy housing on your own, or if you simply want to mull over some ideas before you attend my class, then keep reading for basic steps anyone can follow to create a fairy house and bring a little fairy magic into their home or garden.

1.Start with a base

You have to start somewhere. Find a key piece on which to build your creation, something that inspires you and will make a solid foundation for your fairy house. There are many ways to go about this. I generally create my bases from scratch using carefully assembled pieces of wood, bark, and more. But you can try something premade, such as an old birdhouse, lantern, or even recycled plastic bottles and paper cartons.

2. Go natural

As you gather materials for your fairy house and build off of your base, remember to keep it as natural as possible. Stick to found and second-hand items when and where you can. This can be a fun and deeply spiritual part of your craft. Taking long walks in the woods to collect branches, bark, acorns, and other natural items as you connect to the energy of the nature around you can be a moving and enriching experience. And saving and reusing bits of old jewelry, china, or other items awakens our sentimental nature and reveals to us the hidden beauty in all things.

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3. Give thanks   leave offerings

As you collect your found and natural materials for your fairy house, be sure to leave offerings for the fae and nature spirits behind. Consider the wildlife where you gather, and only leave offerings which will not create a hazard to them. Great ideas include tobacco, sage, or other dried herbs, honey, milk, beer, and other valuable drinks, bits of colorful yarn or fabric in natural, biodegradable textiles, nuts, seeds, or berries, stones, shells, crystals, and even coins. Only take that which you have permission to take. A good rule of thumb for this is to collect only “dropped” materials, or sticks and such which have already fallen to the ground.

4. Form meets function

Take some time to plan your house before you begin building. Think about how you want it to function   as an altar? As a sacred space? As a place where you will leave regular offerings to the fae? As a focus for your meditation or your connection to nature? Build into your house those items which will allow it to function as you desire. Maybe a special crystal should be part of it, or an incense burner, or an offering bowl, or a tiny potted succulent. There are many possibilities here.

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5. Build mindfully

Before you begin putting your house together, set sacred space. Light a candle or some incense. Maybe smudge the room. Take some deep breaths and reach out energetically, connecting with the spirits of the fae who are there to guide you. Be prepared for ideas to arise spontaneously, for plans to change, for things you gathered to suddenly go missing, and even for things to break. The fae have clever ways of guiding our hands toward what they desire. Stay present, be creative, and remain flexible. Don’t focus on typical standards of beauty, perfection, or rightness. As you co-create with the fae, you are learning to see through new eyes.

On the practical side, you will need to use adhesives, paints, tools, and other items to successfully construct your house. As much as possible, opt for those adhesives and paints which leave the smallest chemical footprint. Avoid things with strong odors and fumes. While it may be necessary to utilize metal or iron tools to build your house, assure the fae that this is only temporary and avoid iron or iron alloys in the permanent structure.

6. Place and practice

Once your fairy house is built, place it somewhere appropriate in your home. A place where it will not be unduly disturbed, where it is amply supported, and where you and your family can enjoy it. Create a ritual or ceremony around this auspicious occasion. If it has a light, plug it in. Light a candle or say a prayer. Make the moment special. Take a minute to verbally invite the fae to enjoy this new special space just for them in your home, and be prepared. You have created a doorway allowing fairy energy to enter your home and your life. Learn to go with the flow and expect the unexpected. In the world of the fae, you are not in control   nature is. This is a powerful lesson for many of us, and especially true for those who opt to place their fairy house outdoors. Know that in the garden, unless constructed with cement, these lovely centers of fairy activity will only be temporary.

7. Take time to learn about the fae

Continue to honor the presence of the fae in your home by caring for you fairy house, leaving offerings at it, and even adding to it. Set lovely crystals or new houseplants around it. Fairies like change. If they feel you have neglected their special place in your home and heart, they will drift away or even act out to regain your attention. Pay attention to what they seem to like and what they don’t. And seek out information on fairies, reading books, taking classes, and searching online to continue to build your relationship with them. Fairies can be wonderful helpers and beneficial friends if you are open to and considerate of them.

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