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The Magic In Gratitude by Deborah Cutler

The Magic In Gratitude by Deborah Cutler

The Magic.

We have all been blessed with the gift of light and free will.

Each one of us has embarked on a journey called life, with constant blessings and challenges, with moments of joy and sadness.

Our human nature, when we’re driven by our egos, leads us to ask for help or call upon the Universe when troubled times arise.

How many times do we actually stop to breath and thank the Universe for everything that we have? For everything that we have asked for and been granted? For everything that we will receive?

Expressing gratitude on a daily basis is definitely the key to open the door that will not only lead us to transformation in many ways, but to the experience of magic that life has to offer.

I personally experienced that magic during day 16, when out of the blue, I received a check for a little bit over $2,000. Yes, you read the amount right. I was blown away and in disbelief, and then I said to myself, why am I not believing? I’m working very hard on this on a daily basis and hello, this is the reward of my faith, love, and devotion to becoming a better person. I deserve this. I’ve been asking for this.

Thank You Universe!

I invite you to experience The Magic, 28 Days of Gratitude. Join us on a journey with Deborah as a host for 3 days of a book club + workshop based on the book, The Magic, by Rhonda Byrnes, starting the evening of January 30th. For class details, click here.

Deborah_Cutler_small  Debbie Cutler, founder of Blooming Souls Wellness, LLC is a Spiritual Holistic Coach, Reiki and Sound Healing Practitioner. She is originally from Mexico City, and has been living in Houston for the past 17 years.

In 2003, after the loss of her father and the birth of her daughter few months apart, Debbie had to learn how to live and deal with different emotions at the same time that caused her to be sick for few years.

During this time, Debbie learned the importance of a new way of living that not only reestablished her health, but brought her the alignment of body, mind and soul that is required to grow our consciousness.D

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