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The Perfect Gift For Every Sun Sign

The Perfect Gift For Every Sun Sign

Need a present for your Scorpio best friend? Or a gift for the Gemini male in your life? Our store roots are based in Astrology, and it is still one of our first loves.

We even did an Astrological Gift Guide in the early 80’s.

And this year, our forecast for the perfect gift ideas for every sun sign is, well, stellar.

Check out our custom curated Astro Gift Guide below:


Aries are brave, impulsive, and sometimes impatient. They like being first, and if you really want to impress them, buy only new goods.

Their element is Fire, so a cozy smelling candle is totally appropriate. A Frasier Fir Candle would be perfect as this crisp, Vermont-forest scent reminds action-oriented Aries of the great outdoors.

Aries’ magical birthstone is Diamond, making the diamond-studded Chakra necklace by Taylor Kenny a lucky gift. The book You Are A Badass would appeal to Aries’ own excitable, badass attitude. Aries rules the head and as such they can be prone to headaches. Nurture them with a lavender eye pillow and they will be forever thankful.

Their favorite color is red, and Aries really needs to learn to slow down, making this comfy cranberry colored Zafu meditation pillow a much needed gift.

Wrap your gifts in shiny paper. And if you really want to drive them crazy, put “do not open until Christmas” on their present.


Earthy Taurus is stable, dependable, and affectionate. They have strong values and crave luxury and security. If you want to make Taurus happy, go for quality – how does it feel and smell – like our sublime Lavender Tangerine Botanica glass candle with its earthy, spicy scent.

Taurus governs property and money, and they have a strong attachment to their things. Feng Shui for Wealth and Abundance is perfect for them because it deals with accumulating prosperity through practical means.

While the upside is their stability, the downside is their stubbornness. Taurus connects with all things horned. They are the bull after all! This little bison Spirit Friend would make an ideal companion for a Taurus.

On the human body, Taurus rules the throat, and they can be prone to laryngitis and soreness. Jewelry set with throat-chakra stones like this Mossy Aquamarine necklace would make Taurus glow and balance them out. And one of our S’well water bottles will keep hot drinks hot to sooth those tired and sore throats.


Geminis like variety and stimulating conversation. This quick-witted sign is adaptable and always on the move – mentally, physically, and in spirit. If you want to please a Gemini for the holidays, you’ll have to think way outside of the box. Try appealing to their communicative nature with a good and educating read like Talk RX by Neha Sangwan, M.D., or add a burst of fun with an evening of Table Topics. Not that Gemini needs help starting a conversation, but they’ll love you for playing into their favorite pastime.

The Gemini element is air, and being ruled by Mercury, their freedom-loving nature is generally attracted to things with wings. This gold ceramic feather tray will fit right in to their decor. The novelty of travel excites this aspect of them, too. Try the Sacred Sites Oracle Cards to entice their spiritual side.

After all that stimulation, even fun-loving Gemini will need to wind down. It’s a good thing lavender is their special flower. These delightful Lavender Bath Salts can help them relax.


Tender Cancer has a soft heart and a sensitive soul. If you want to woo this Moon-ruled sign over the holidays, show them you care. Try giving them something to cuddle at Christmas, like our fair-trade Alpaca throws.

If it’s a Cancer woman on your list, remember that her ruling planet is the changeable moon with this Shoot For the Moon necklace. Or help her adorn her home in the phases of the moon with our Moon Phases garland.

A water sign, Cancer’s color is silvery blue and green, like the ocean or the sky-blue Sharada scarf. And cancer rules over stomach. They love to eat, and may experience weight gain or digestive issues. Eat Clean, Live Well can teach them how to be true to their nature and good to their bodies at the same time.


Leo is ruled by the sun, and they’ll make sure you know it! Powerful and bold, they like flash and extravagance. Play to their sunny disposition with these gift ideas – the Shine Bright mug or You-Are-My-Sunshine Art Heart. Or drape them in sacred and sunny sandalwood with Elizabeth Irvine’s original Sandalwood Serenity Beads.

Leo rules the back, spine, and heart, and with fire as their element, you could hardly do better than Tending the Heart Fire, a beautiful yoga book by Shiva Rea.

When all else fails, their symbol – the lion – is sure to impress. Our little Egyptian Lion figure is right on track.


Modest Virgo is down-to-earth, but their detail-oriented nature and need to serve can leave them frazzled at times. The Mindful Living Datebook or Color Me Calm coloring book might help them relax and reset through the new year. Or better yet, the Relax candle from the Seeking Balance line can settle those nerves with its essential-oil-based fragrance.

Of course, their symbol, the Virgin, represents their pure motives and noble hearts. A lovely Virgin Mary statue is sure to inspire the Virgo in your life.

If you want to bejewel a Virgo, you must appeal to their practical nature. Stick to something that reflects their devotion to others, like our Tiny Devotions Mama Mala.


Libra loves beauty and harmony. This old soul is a true romantic that exudes style. Libra girls will love everything to do with fashion and makeup, like this Little Elephant Accessory Pouch from Papaya. Pinks, blues, and purples are Libra’s prime colors. Dress your Libra up in this pink and purple Eco Silk scarf.

The rose is sentimental Libra’s flower. Our beautiful Apricot & Rose botanical diffuser will not only please their sense of smell, but their sense of sight, too. And this replica figure of an ancient Aphrodite statue, will appeal to their love of beauty and their ruling planet – Venus.

Libra can overindulge at times, and they rule the kidneys. Detox is an important practice for this air sign. Angel Detox by Doreen Virtue will help them do that on every level.


Dark and lovely, enigmatic Scorpio is mysterious and intense. Ruled by Pluto, and ruling the eighth house of death and the occult, Scorpio is drawn to those things others shrink from. Give your Scorpio something they can sink their tail into, like The Romance of Sorcery by Sax Rohmer or the Ludy Lescot Tarot deck.

Scorpio style is dark and edgy. Try our Black Moon sarong or the Rejuvenation mala by Tiny Devotions, which can bring them the emotional balance they need. And for even more balance, give them the Pure Focus audio CD from Kelly Howell.


The eternal optimists of the zodiac, Sagittarius is freedom seeking, adventurous, and full of boundless energy. If you want to keep your Sagittarius organized in the coming year, give them the Sacred Celtic Sites calendar which will inspire their love of travel. Or spark their interest with a book like Less Doing, More Living, a philosophy any Sagittarius is sure to adopt.

Sagittarius are known for their love of the great outdoors. So they’ll need to pocket a bottle of Insect Away natural repellent for their adventures. But if your Sag is sticking close to home, satisfy their craving for the open road with our Silk Road Spice candle full of exotic and enticing scents.

Their symbol, the Archer, is part horse, which appeals to their wanderlust nature. This little Spirit Friend raku horse will bring a smile to any Sagittarius’ face.


Faithful Capricorn will get what they want through hard work, wisdom, and a steady eye on the prize. Natural manifestors, Capricorns will love this new oracle deck, The Oracle of E, by best-selling author Pam Grout. Or the powerful opportunities they’ll attract with our green aventurine bracelet.

To settle them down and appeal to their spirit, get Capricorn a copy of Meditations From The Earth by Elizabeth Irvine, as earth is their ruling element. Or go for their magical stone in our Goddess Stack bracelets, featuring garnet. For the home, try the Wild Carnation botanical wax sachets, since carnation is their special flower.


Proud Aquarius is assertive and independent, but ever friendly. Their magical stone is amethyst and any Aquarius would love our amethyst cluster pendant. Better yet, get them the Eco Silk scarf in purple and blue to go with it!

Aquarius is progressive and not afraid to push limits. They’ll love getting spiritual with products like The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, or the classic Thoth Tarot deck. And when their need for free thinking and new ideas gets their feet too far off the ground, bring them back with the Smudge Pack.


Pisces dives deep, being the mystical, imaginative, and intuitive sign that they are. Help them find tools for their spiritual inclinations with a pack of Flying Wish Paper, Tune In: Let Your Intuition Guide You to Fulfillment and Flow a book by Sonia Choquette, or this resting buddha in teal ceramic.

A water sign, Pisces symbol is the double fish, so anything water related should comfort them. Try the Aqua Flame fountain – a candle and a fountain in one. Or go with their flower, the waterlily, in our Freesia & Waterlily candle.

Whether you buy from our list, or simply let it inspire you, shopping by the zodiac is a surefire way to please everyone on your holiday list this year.


*Like our zodiac images? These were used with permission from Papaya. We sell cards featuring these same images in the store!

© 2013 Papaya, Inc. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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