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True Well-being for Mother’s Day

True Well-being for Mother’s Day

by guest blogger, Truewellbeing

The inspiration came from a simple sandalwood prayer mala, a graduation gift from my swami. I loved wearing this mala and my yoga students often asked where they could get one too. The idea formed to develop a piece of jewelry which would act as a talisman; to bring the wearer comfort and a reminder to connect to spirit throughout the day. The design was named Serenity Beads.


In 2011,The Jewelry Project was born. Whether it’s the gemstone, number of beads, or the medal’s meaning   our intention is to create Truewellbeing through jewelry. We love to give back and this project allows us to help others in need.

The main purpose of our designs is to provide you with a tool to find moments of peace and connect you to your personal truewellbeing.


This Mother’s Day, we are excited to offer a A Moment’s Peace Workshop (for one of our favorite places in Houston), Body Mind & Soul.

The practice of self-care is not an indulgence   it’s a necessity, especially as a mother. When you allow yourself the time and space to create a moment’s peace, you fill up your personal reservoir. In this healing space, you feel the stillness within and connect to the best version of you, which ripples out for everyone around you to enjoy.


Frantic worrying can build stress. An antidote for this are moments of stillness. These moments bring bliss and creativity into our lives in a way that is fruitful and beneficial to body, mind, and soul. The concept is simple, not always easy. It is cultivating a habit through practice every day.


Join us for a morning mediation and learn how to use our Serenity Beads as a grounding tool. Participate in a simple visualization exercise and a short guided relaxation to find the stillness within you and be re-introduced to the best version of you.



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    Denise Welling