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What does Full Moon in Pisces and Mercury Going Direct Mean For You

What does Full Moon in Pisces and Mercury Going Direct Mean For You

By Kevin Casey

Mercury went direct this week and will be moving right next to Mars this is a conjunction in astrology.  Mars is an action oriented planet known as The Warrior and Mercury is the planet of communication known as The Messenger so when these two get together we won’t mince our words, we’ll be straightforward with our speech and get right to the point.  No more ‘beating around the bush’, we let it out and say what needs to be said.  If we’ve been upset or angry we’re more likely to let others know how we feel and with Mars in the mix we really want to get our point across.  Understandably, we may fear having a confrontation or a heated conversation but sometimes that’s necessary to get something off our chest and clear the air.  Uranus gets in on the action this week by making a trine to Mercury.  A trine between planets has a smoother energy about it because the planets involved are in compatible elements.  In this case, Mercury is in Leo and Uranus in Aries both being fire signs.  Now, besides communication Mercury also rules our perceptions and how we see life, while Uranus is known as the Great Awakener.  According to the spiritual text A Course in Miracles, a miracle is defined as a shift in our perception.  So when we ask for a miracle what we’re really asking for is a shift in our perception about a person or situation.  A-ha moments in abundance.

We have a full moon in Pisces Wednesday September 6 at 2:03 am CST.  Full moons shine a light on what was previously hidden; they bring situations to a head.  This could be a very powerful full moon because it’s conjunct Neptune.  Neptune is the natural ruler of Pisces so we get a double dose of Neptune/Pisces energy.  Some of us may withdraw and become reclusive for a day or so because we’re feeling highly sensitive and overwhelmed by our feelings.  This is a great aspect for meditation, self reflection, or dream interpretation.  Daydreaming is temporarily taken off the ‘things-I-must- stop- doing-list’ and becomes something helpful and constructive.  Lacking self-confidence, weak boundaries and allowing others to tell us how we ‘should’ be living is a total Moon/Neptune things.  There could be no better time to dig out that old self help classic Codependent No More.


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