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What Does today’s New Moon In Aries Mean?

What Does today’s New Moon In Aries Mean?

The Moon will be new in the sign of Aries on Sunday April 15 at 8:57 pm CST.

A new moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct meaning they are in the same sign at the same degree.

New moons are always about new beginnings but this particular new moon is especially powerful because it happens in Aries the first sign of the zodiac. Mercury and Uranus join the Sun and Moon in Aries creating a pile up of planets in the sign of the Ram.

It’s like we get a double dose of “new beginnings” energy.  It’s time to wipe the slate clean, what’s done is done, the past is over and we become ready to put it behind us.  We accept this real need for change by letting go of old beliefs and old attitudes that keep us stuck in the past.

Make a searching and fearless inventory of your life and see where you’ve made too many compromises and sacrifices.  Aries and it’s ruling planet Mars are associated with anger; recognize and admit any anger you may be feeling.

Courage is another keyword for Aries.  Are you ready to put yourself out there?  Are you ready to take a chance?  Are you ready to get rid of what may be holding you back? Where do you need better boundaries?

Also, Chiron moves into Aries  which will give us a big astrological shift on April 19.

After seven years in the sign of Pisces, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, will move into Aries for the next eight years.  A door is about to open.  Over the coming years we will have many opportunities to do some serious healing in the areas of self esteem and identity.

We’re becoming exhausted from wearing all the armor and so we become willing to embrace our softer, more vulnerable side.  Instead of being overwhelmed by this part of ourselves we learn to work with it and once we get the hang of it our creativity flourishes.




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    Denise Welling