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Working with Moldavite

Working with Moldavite

Moldavite has recently skyrocketed in popularity, which is why our community must remain educated and knowledgeable of the powerful energy within this rare stone. Please be sure to do your research before purchasing this crystal as its energy can impact each individual differently.

Where is Moldavite Found?

Moldavite is well-known as an intense stone of transformation. This ethereal crystal is found in the Czech Republic, where a meteorite is believed to have crashed into Earth 15 million years ago. Thus, theorists believe that this green tektite carries a fusion of terrestrial and extraterrestrial energies. 

Energies of Moldavite

Moldavite is a deeply potent stone for spiritual development and the expansion of consciousness. Often referred to as a talisman of healing for the Earth, this stone will connect you with the higher realms and your highest self. This gemstone will activate and open the chakras, shifting and moving energy on the 3D and cosmic levels. 

Moldavite brings growth, expansion, new beginnings, and fills your life with vitality. It will also assist you within the astral and dream realms.

Many who work with moldavite report that it removes many blockages and allows you to gain clarity and understanding of your deepest needs and desires. This stone’s magnificent ability to accelerate the movement and clearing of energy is why it’s named the stone of transformation. Moldavite will create change at various rates for each individual, but rest assured, change will occur when working with this powerhouse rock.

Physical Symptoms

Due to the radiating vibrations within moldavite, we suggest you spend some time in the store with your new stone to be aware of any physical symptoms you may experience. Symptoms may include: tingling in extremities or around the chakras, light-headedness, dizziness, feeling of floating, tingling sensations, headaches, and hot flashes throughout the body.

It is best to introduce moldavite into your energy field in small increments, gradually working up to longer lengths of time. If the energy is still too much for you, it may be beneficial to pair moldavite with a more grounding stone such as obsidian, hematite, tourmaline, or smoky quartz.

Proper Preparation

It is best to prepare yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually before working with moldavite. Recognize and understand that you will need to keep an open mind before delving into its magic. It is also imperative that you dedicate time and effort to remaining grounded while working with this stone. Keep in mind that the Universe has your back and trust that you are always being guided towards your highest good.

With great power, comes great responsibility. The lifeforce of this crystal will ferociously cleanse the areas of your life not aligned with your soul’s purpose and highest good. For some, this may look like a breaking down of your present life, while others may not experience such intense alterations in their current environment. It is essential to remain aware of how you are feeling and know when to take a break from working with moldavite.

Shifting energy takes an immense amount of effort and work - remember to trust the process!

Ready to try it out yourself? You can find Moldavite here!

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