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Your Unique Elemental Balance

Your Unique Elemental Balance

Air, fire, water, earth … what do these elements have to do with you? A lot!

Western spirituality teaches us that we are all comprised of these four elements. But that doesn’t mean we are all the same – far from it! We each have our own unique combination of these elements, often with one stronger than the others. We especially notice these distinctions when we communicate with someone of a different elemental nature. There can be quite a difference between a fiery temperament (Just do it!),  an airy outlook (Let me think about it first … ), a watery nature (I’m not feeling it yet … ) and an earthy soul (Things are great the way they are!). If we become more aware of how to work with elements, we can understand each other better.

Of course, the key to understanding others is understanding ourselves. And the universe will tell us about our own elemental nature if we pay attention to the symbols. We will usually get the same message whether we consult astrology, Tarot, or the colors in our closet.

Sometimes our elements can get out of balance. For example, as an Aquarius, my go-to place is thought, and I proudly refer to myself as an airhead. When I had a Tarot reading that had no cups (water) in it, my reader suggested I spend more time around water – visit a beach, take more baths, even drink more water. I know I feel better when I follow her advice.

So how can we learn more about our elemental balance? One way is to journey to the elemental realms and connect with the beings – fairies, salamanders, water nymphs, and gnomes – that dwell there, as well as the symbols of the elements, such as a cup, a sword, a staff, and a stone. Do you feel most comfortable with the sylphs and fairies? How does the airy sword feel in your hands? What about the salamanders and the staff they share with you? Is it strong and vibrant, or could it use some attention? Perhaps your cup is full, or perhaps the water nymphs will help you replenish it. And how heavy is the stone the gnomes show you? Your response to each of these reflects your unique elemental balance.

Once you know where you are, it’s fun to work with other air, fire, water, and earth symbols to restore and maintain your equilibrium. Join me for Sacred Balance: An Elemental Journey on Saturday, September 29th. Together we will embark on the journey toward self-understanding through the elemental world.


mharrellMelanie Harrell, M.A., CH is a former CPA who now devotes her life to the healing arts. Her specialty is past life regression, and Melanie was trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D. Melanie and her client are featured in Dr. Weiss’s latest book, Miracles Happen (pages 75-79). In addition to her hypnosis work, Melanie is a Reiki Alliance master and has taught Reiki classes regularly since 2001. She maintains a hypnosis and energy healing practice in Houston and offers private sessions as well as group classes. Contact Melanie at 713-906-4234 or  See her website at