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Your Zodiac Love Stone

Your Zodiac Love Stone

Our sun sign influences everything in our life from our money, to our interests, to our relationships. How we love and like to be loved is also impacted by where we fall in the zodiac. What’s more, there’s a crystal that perfectly aligns with each of our love styles. Knowing and working with your love stone can help you attract the kind of romance and relationship you are uniquely suited for.

If you’re looking to find love, or simply want to take full advantage of the romantic relationship you’re already in, scroll down to your sun sign and read about your personal love stone. Then find ways to incorporate that crystal into your daily life. You can carry your love stone with you on dates, place it in your bedroom while you sleep, hold it close as you meditate, or place it near your computer while you update your online singles profile. As you move deeper into resonance with the vibration of your love stone, you’ll begin to see and feel your love life improve in amazing ways.

Capricorn – red jasper

Garnet may be your birthstone, but red jasper is your love stone. With an earthy, solid approach to love and romance, you have a lot to offer, but no interest in wasting time and energy on those who can’t see your inherent worth or who need to be convinced. You’re not a “chaser”, Capricorn, because you have too many other things to focus on. You’re a builder, and you’re looking for a lover who can get down to the business of building a life together with you. Red jasper, like you, is great at drawing energy into a lasting focus and getting results. Use this crystal to attract only real contenders in your game of love. 

Red jasper – $1.00

Aquarius – pink amethyst

Aquarians march to the beat of their own drummer, and their love stone is not far from their birthstone. While amethyst suits you in every regard, pink amethyst suits your love style. You need to attract someone who can appreciate your unique flavor and who isn’t afraid to be their own person as well. Conformists and the conventional are not on your radar. And your love match will need to feel spiritually fulfilling as much as is it physically and emotionally. The bonus is that amethyst’s psychically protective qualities also apply to pink amethyst, guarding your heart, and will keep away those who transcend unconventional and border on unstable – a great plus for a sign that isn’t always known for its discernment. 

Pink Amethyst – Specimens coming soon to Body Mind & Soul!

Pisces – pink opal

Pisces has a deep nature for nurture. You not only crave the opportunity to lavish your partners with affection and care, but you yearn to have your adoration returned from someone who can love as deeply as you can. This sets you up to be easily wounded by those who don’t give on the same level as you, which may well be most of the zodiac. And some people’s need for space and boundaries may trigger your insecurities and possessiveness. Pink opal will attract a mate who can be sensitive to your tender-heartedness while also enabling you to release past disappointments and learn to give to yourself so others don’t always have to. 

tumbled_pink_opal copy
Pink Opal – $2.00

Aries – ruby

An Aries will love on their own terms, thank you very much. But this sign is marked by tremendous passion and energy. Heated in the bedroom and enthusiastic about their partners, Aries can make dedicated, exciting lovers. Just don’t smother them. Or coddle them. Or ask them to take a submissive role. Respect their independence and their fire, and you will find a lasting, loving mate in the ram. Aries, ruby is your special love stone. As smoldering as you are, only this beloved gemstone could attract someone who is able to handle your heat, match your pace, and weather your emotional storms. 

Tumbled-Ruby-India---Tumbled-Stones-01 copy
Ruby – $12.00

Taurus – red tiger eye

Being an earth sign, Taurus is known for its sensuality. For you, love happens less in the head and the heart, and more in the tangible world of your senses. While you may be slow to invest in a relationship, once someone has caught your attention, they can be sure you will woo them with dazzling dates, beautiful gifts, and erotic nights. However, you expect some of the same in return. And your loyalty is like no other when your heart is truly won, but until then you may be apt to stray. Red tiger eye matches your earthy sensuality and will attract a partner who delights in your passion. And since you’re not inclined to share, it will be sure to draw those whose dedication is to you and you alone.

tigersEyeRed copy
Red Tiger Eye – $1.00

Gemini – watermelon tourmaline

Gemini is know for its dual nature, and of course, even your love stone displays some of that duality. But you would grow bored with anything else, as easily as you tire of suitors. While geminis  love variety and can be avid and adept at the dating game, charming and intelligent as they are, their tendencies are much more singular when love finally finds them. Sensitive and quick, they don’t trust easy. They need partners who can understand their love of freedom, engage and stimulate their sharp mental faculties, and fly straight and true as an arrow. That’s a tall order to ask of anyone, but if you can fill it, you will have won a devoted companion who will ensure life is always interesting. Use watermelon tourmaline, Gemini, to attract a mate who is capable of seeing through your many layers and loving you on every level.

Watermelon Tourmaline in Matrix – $60.00

Cancer – pink calcite

Cancer’s restless emotional depths require one major thing in love – security. This powerfully amorous sign is not cut out for surface-level flings or the up and down rollercoaster ride of tumultuous relationships. Cancer’s require certainty in and from their partners. Make them feel safe, and they will have unwavering eyes only for you. Hurt them, or worse yet – betray them, and you will find yourself alone with only a shadow at your side. These old-fashioned lovers want to woo and be wooed with grand, sentimental gestures. Pink calcite is the just the steady kind of rock you need as a love stone, Cancer, and yet it’s still lovely and romantic enough to resonate. Delicate and giving, this crystal uniquely matches your heart. Use pink calcite to attract steadfast lovers who will yield to your gentle charms.

Tumbled-Pink-Mangano-Calcite---Tumbled-Stones-01 copy copy
Pink Calcite – $8.00

Leo – garnet

Leos love intensely, but they need to be center-stage in the relationship. The lion demands your full, undivided attention – now and forever. You’ll have to be firm in your own sense of self to withstand the rigors of courting this sign, and resourceful in meeting your own needs. The upside is that with a Leo by your side, you can bask in the warm glow of their incandescent affection. Don’t cut corners or skimp when dating a Leo. The surest way to their heart is to lavish them with praise and gifts. Leos value themselves above all else, so they’ll expect the same from you. Show them anything less, and they’ll move along without a second thought. Leo, your love stone is garnet. This tried and true beauty has been dazzling mankind throughout the ages. Opulent and powerful, garnet alone can attract the kind of mate who is able to shower you in the love, attention, and lifestyle you know you deserve.

Garnet – $4.00

Virgo – rhodonite

The virgin prizes harmony, and even when experiencing a well of runaway emotion, she’s not likely to show it. Virgo’s have been pegged as cold and withholding, but in truth, they’re simply cautious and reserved. But to those who capture them, who are willing to work for their affection, Virgos are warm and responsive. Virgo, your disciplined demeanor means you aren’t going to consider anyone who doesn’t captivate you on every level, and once you find them, you’re likely to be hesitant and subtle in your overtures, no matter how much they excite you. Your fear of the unknown and uncontrolled may cause you to hold back, and those mixed signals can confuse your partner. Rhodonite will not only reassure you in love, but it will attract a match who sends your pulse into overdrive in all the right ways rather than the wrong ones. 

Rhodonite – $4.00

Libra – fire opal

Libra’s love the idea of love, and they demand a romance fit for the silver screen. This sign needs to be courted, and they’re likely to fall for partners who are as dazzling as they imagine themselves to be. Like a moth to the flame, Libras are drawn to the limelight and to fanciful notions of love, and they require partners who can provide them with a proper stage upon which to act out their fantasies, as well as play the best-supporting actor role and be the enrapt audience. This sign is not hard-wired for the mundane realities of an everyday relationship. Which is not to say they aren’t loyal, they just need someone who can keep things interesting by staying interested in everything the Libra throws their way. It only follows, Libra, that your love stone would be as intoxicating and magnetic as you. Fire opal will attract partners who have as much and more to bring to the relationship as you do. 

Fire Opal Necklace – $90.00

Scorpio – rhodochrosite

Mysterious scorpio is no easier to nail down in love than they are in anything else. Intense, committed, and jealous, Scorpios must hold all the cards in their relationships or they aren’t willing to play. Don’t attempt to fool them, as they’re likely to see through your antics thanks to their adept intuitions. And the last place anyone wants to be is on the striking end of the scorpion’s tail. Scorpios feel deeply and struggle to keep a barrier between their own emotions and the feelings of those around them. They need partners who can bring a sense of calm to their turbulent inner worlds, and who are more interested in keeping them happy than in being right. Rhodochrosite is your love stone, scorpion, because it takes the sting out of relating and ushers in a sense of balance. Use it to attract mates who can withstand your crushing inner force and crippling vulnerability. 

Rhodochrosite – Tumbles coming soon to Body Mind & Soul!

Sagittarius – red aventurine

Adventurous to a fault, Sagittarius is never satisfied. There is always something more interesting just over the horizon. Eternal seekers, this sign wants to taste life. They require partners who won’t hold them back and understand their wanderlust nature. Vibrant and engaging, this sign is easy to fall for. They bring a spirit of fun and joy to any relationship, but they may not always be aware of how they impact those around them. Light-hearted but far from superficial, you will have to prove yourself a true match to be in their orbit. Sagittarius’ don’t tolerate anything less than a soul-mate if they’re going to commit. Your love stone, Sagittarius, is the radiant red aventurine. Far from ordinary, this unique quartz will draw to you suitors who can go the distance and enjoy life on the level that you do.

Tumbled-Red-Aventurine---Tumbled-Stones-02 copy
Red Aventurine – Tumbles coming soon to Body Mind & Soul!


AnnaSilver-80x100_largeAnna Silver is a published author, certified crystal healer, and a certified master reader and teacher of tarot and lithomancy, or crystal reading. Anna combines basic science, intuitive wisdom, and metaphysics to help her students and clients employ powerful tools in practical ways to create positive change in their health, relationships, career, finances, spiritual path, and more.

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