Crystal Healing Bracelets for Love & Heart Chakra

$ 20.00

These healing bracelets each feature genuine crystal beads on a stretchy adjustable band. Approximately 7-8" in circumference. Choices include (left to right):

  • Sunstone (smooth) for victory, optimism, leadership
  • Nude Moonstone (faceted) for soothing worry, promoting harmony
  • Rhodochrosite (smooth) for unconditional love, inner peace
  • Morganite for attuning the heart chakra, abundant love
  • Kunzite (smooth) for acceptance, joy, heartfelt communication
  • Strawberry Quartz (smooth) for universal love, courage of the heart
  • Rose Quartz (faceted) for love, compassion, friendship
  • Rhodonite (smooth) for compassion, healing the heart

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