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All 3 Days: EFT For Animals and Their Humans + Animal Communication for Beginners with Joan Ranquet

$ 275.00

All 3 Days: EFT For Animals and Their Humans + Animal Communication for Beginners with Joan Ranquet

$ 275.00

All 3 Animal Communication Workshops are Sold Out!
Stay Tuned for Joan's 2020 Return to 
Body Mind & Soul
(lunch break from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm) 

Whether you work with  animals or simply want a better understanding of your own companion, this  is the perfect opportunity for clarity.  You will gain an understanding of the animal chakra system, and more  importantly, what they need to do in order to successfully and consistently  use healing techniques with your own animals.  

EFT is a healing method that quiets the nervous system, spurs emotional  healing, lessens performance anxiety, and helps alleviate physical pain. Learn  how to use energy to heal the physical and emotional issues in both animals  and humans.  


Animal Communication for Beginners

Saturday and Sunday, September 14 and 15, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
(lunch break from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm) 

Animal communication is often seen as a gift for “the chosen ones.”

In this  workshop, Joan lifts the veil to reveal that animal communication is not a mystical ability; it’s a  learnable skill set. She not only teaches animal communication, but also ways to  enhance human/animal relationships.

You will learn how to consistently  receive a series of pictures, words, and feelings through telepathy.  Plus, Joan provides a deeper understanding of animal behavior and the nature of  health challenges.

Each workshop option starts with a short lecture, then  students immediately get involved in a telepathic game and guided remote  communication, i.e., communicating with animals via picture.  


Joan Ranquet is an Animal communicator, TEDx speaker, Hay House author, educator and  animal parent, Joan Ranquet leads an inspired life. It’s no surprise MSN  deemed her as one of the “Top 25 People Who Do What They Love.”    

In 2009, Joan founded CWALU (Communication With All Life University), a  certification program for animal communicators and energy healers. She is  the author of Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True), and Communication  with all Life (Hay House) and is an active contributor to Dharma of Dogs  (Sounds True).

Deemed “Celebrity Animal Communicator” in an AMC Channel  documentary, Joan has been featured in dozens of media including The  Hollywood Reporter, Pet Nation on Dateline NBC, The Today Show on  NBC, Good Morning America on ABC, Animal Planet, The National Enquirer,  and The Los Angeles Times to name a few.