Crystal Pyramids - 2 inch

$ 30.00

These carefully cut and polished pyramids are all carved out of genuine stone and each stand approximately 2" tall. They make excellent generators in crystal grids. Their flat bases mean they stand alone on most surfaces easily. Beautiful in a room or adorning your sacred space. 


Pyramids are a form of sacred geometry. They represent ascension, the afterlife, divinity, and integration of body, mind and spirit. Point side up they represent the sacred masculine. Point side down, they represent the sacred feminine. Cultures around the world have viewed the pyramid as sacred. While the bottom of the pyramid aligns with out earthly realm, the apex of the pyramid aligns with higher consciousness.


These 2" crystal pyramids are available in blue goldstone, bronzite, carnelian, dalmation jasper, fancy jasper, fluorite, goldstone, red jasper, rose quartz, tiger iron, and brecciated jasper.

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