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SOJI Crystal Elixir Water Bottles

$ 99.00

SOJI Crystal Elixir Water Bottles

$ 99.00

Since ancient times, crystals elixirs have been used for their powerful energetic healing properties. Crystals can help heal deep-seated issues, bringing forth good health and greater happiness. Each crystal has its own unique healing properties.

These beautiful crystals combined with water product an elixir that encourages rejuvenation and clarification of both the mind and the body. 

SOJI crystal water bottles let you reap the benefits of crystal healing during yoga, work, play, or on the go.

Choose from:

Amethyst for Peace + energy

Citrine for Abundance + mindfulness

Obsidian for Purification + Transformation

Clear Quartz for Clarity + inspiration

Rose Quartz for Love + Self Care

Smoky Quartz for Protection + stability


  • Each bottle is made of natural quartz, glass, & stainless steel.
  • Approximately 9.75" tall and 18 oz volume.
  • Hand wash components, glass bottle is dishwasher safe.