Agatized Coral for protection & supporting trauma therapy

$ 2.00 $ 192.00

Agatized coral is a coral fossil that has been replaced by chalcedony. It ranges in color and many of the original features of the coral are retained and can be seen. This lovely stones combine the energy of coral and quartz and align with the element of water. They have a settling effect on the emotions and are excellent supports for trauma survivors. They help with memory recall, heart healing, and awareness. It is the state stone of Florida.

This listing is for 1 piece of agaitzed coral, approximately 1/2" to 1" in diameter. 

Chakra: 2nd, Sacral Chakra

Astrological Sign: Cancer

We intuitively choose your stone(s) for you with care. Please note, this is a natural specimen and size, color, shape, and texture may vary. 



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