A Crystal Bowl Soundbath Experience with Deborah Cutler

$ 15.00

A Soundbath is a group sound healing experience designed to guide you on an inner journey. The crystal bowls sounds induces relaxation and promotes a deeper meditation. Deborah uses seven chakra tuned crystal bowls to take you on a deep sound exploration. Her crystal bowls are tuned to 432 Hertz which is an alternative tuning that transmits beneficial healing energy, especially around the heart chakra. This special tuning will feel warmer and more harmonic than other crystal bowls that you may have experienced.

A Soundbath is a deeply relaxing experience; you lie on the floor or sit in a chair and just relax, breathe deeply and listen. You can close your eyes and go on an inward journey or meditation or maybe even fall asleep.

We recommend bringing a mat and/or blanket so you can comfortably lie on the floor or we will have chairs to sit in if you prefer. A light wrap is helpful if you chill easily.

 Space is limited so please sign up early.



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