Amethyst Pendulum with Multi-Metal Chamber

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Amethyst connects us to a our third eye and psychic abilities, making it a great stone for use in dowsing!

This pendulum has a chamber at the top of the pendulum bob for placing another smaller stone chip or item for use in dowsing. The copper energy ring amplifies objects in the large chamber. The ring is removable.

This pendulum is Bearing Balanced, meaning the pendulum chain rotates and swivels on a bearing that is inserted into the top cap (chamber cover). This results in a balanced swing that keeps the pendulum point, or bob, always aligned with the chain while swinging. This movement provides an instant and sensitive response. This alignment is excellent when using charts, always pointing in harmony with the arc of the swinging pendulum.

Pendulum bob is 2.25" long, roughly .5" in diameter. Curb chain is stainless steel, approx 5.25" long.  Weighs about 18.5 grams.

These natural stone pendulums are one-of-a-kind and individual stone colors and banding will be different from the image shown.

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