Ascension: An Evening of Channeling with Cathy Chapman and Amma the Divine Mother

$ 25.00

Cathy and Amma will discuss:

  • “Ascension”: what it is, and what it means for human beings right now
  • the new energies being transmitted to earth
  • spiritual development in general
  • how our thoughts, words, and actions relate to the new expanded energies
  • how our thoughts, words, and actions affect our planet
  • what choices we don’t have (expansion will happen)
  • what choices we do have (how easy or difficult expansion will be for the individual)
  • questions, answers, more!


  Dr. Cathy is a fun, quirky and intense person who loves to laugh, explore the realms of consciousness and energy based healing, and is continual explorer of the infinite depths of spiritu

Dr. Cathy began her exploration of energy based healing through the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church. She later entered the convent and was Sr. Cathy for 20 years where she explored more deeply spirituality and mysticism.

After leaving the convent she studied Mind-Body Psychology with an emphasis on Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy. This led to her PhD in Mind-Body Psychology from The Union Institute and University. She also has a BS in Psychology, an MA in Clinical Psychology and an MA in Theology (Go Irish!).

She has worked as a social worker with people from cradle to grave (pregnant teens, adoption, nursing home social worker) and in private practice the last 20 years. She currently lives in Sedona AZ and works with people by skype and telephone. She also gives numerous workshops in the metaphysical arena.

Dr. Cathy has published books and ebooks in both non-fiction and fiction. She currently writes for the Sedona Journal of Emergence channeling Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God.