What's Your Purpose? with Kevin Casey and Sarah Gish

$ 50.00

3:00 pm -  5:00 pm

This is the class for you if you are wondering what your purpose in life is! Astrologer Kevin Casey and Intuitive Guide Sarah Gish will talk to you about ways to catch your dreams and uncover who you really are, using tools from astrology as well as personal intuition.

Each participant will learn about their special astrological characteristics and will be given their life path number (using numerology) from Kevin. Sarah will guide everyone with salient questions designed to open your mind to what you really want to do with your life.

Each class member will walk away with a better understanding of themselves and their life vision and concrete ideas on how to become who they are truly meant to be. Everyone will also write a personal mission statement based on what they learned.

Get the cosmic lowdown. Kevin Casey uses all the cosmic tricks he knows - Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology - to help his clients and students find out what time it is in their own life. This isn't about transcending your ego or trancing out of your body. Kevin's teachings are fun and about helping you to suit up and show up for the life that is in front of you right now. Follow Kevin on Facebook

Wondering what to do with your life, whether it’s in the personal realm or the professional arena? Sarah will help you ignite your life!  She will use her finely-tuned intuitive skills to help you FOCUS – on you, your dreams and desires, and how to manifest them (and if you don’t know what your passions are, Sarah will guide you in discovering them).  Finding your personal mission will exponentially increase your ability to succeed in life while also attracting an abundance of joy. Follow Sarah on Facebook.