Bergamot Rose Macaron Candle

$ 15.00

Bring home a this luxuriously cute, rose fragranced candle to invite balance, healing, love, and protection into your home.

Rose fragrance is known to bring our consciousness closer to our guardian angels and is excellent for any angel work. It is also associated with Venus and feminine energy. Yellow rose in particular is wonderful to help us call in joyfulness.

Bergamot is associated with joy, laughter, and uplifting energy. This citrus-y scent also helps us clear our brain fog and keep us in tune with our angelic guides and higher selves.

Orange flower is yet another angelic fragrance that helps us bring happiness deep within the soul. It is wonderful for regenerating the spirit and conquer our fears.


  • Burn time is approximately 80 hours
  • Yellow Garden Roses
  • Tart Green Bergamot
  • Orange Flower 

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