Chakra Healing Session with Chris Carpentier

$ 0.00

12:00 - 5:00 pm
1 hr.= $150
(30 minutes on the table + 30 minute intuitive reading)
Please call the store to book a session, 713-993-0550


Chris uses the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©, which is a unique energy tool invented by Russell Forsyth that combines ancient and modern modalities in order to bring balance and harmony to the human body.  Magnetic therapy, Sound therapy, Chromo therapy, Crystal therapy and an Angelic gateway come together to form a Reiki crystal grid for the human body.

 The most practical benefit to the Forsyth Crystal Light Table© revolves around the chakras and the body’s energy centers. The tones from the crystal bowls stream into the chakras with true harmonic vibrations that remove or displace the current resonance. This allows for energy to move freely in the direction of each individual and their goals.

The 7 major chakras, starting with the Root and finishing with the Crown, each receive between one and five minutes of toning from the crystal bowls and the Vogel-Cut® crystals overhead. An angelic gateway, Magnetic energy and color added to the crystal elements, complete the different modalities that combine to create movement of energy focused by intentions and supported by the Higher Realms.  A follow-up discussion at the end reveals the client’s experience and the practitioner’s intuitive messages.

People are drawn to the crystal light table for:

  • releasing blocks,
  • balancing energy
  • tuning the chakra system
  • connecting with spirit
  • gaining insights and information
  • letting go, balancing disharmony in the body
  • manifestation, attuning to spirit
  • breaking attachments or spirit-based contracts
  • releasing addictions, overcoming grief
  • creating wellness and optimal health or anything the mind will allow as a possibility.


 Chris Carpentier is a Certified Forsyth Crystal Light Table Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader, Spiritual Councilor, Certified Grief and Career Intuitive Coach, Certified Medium, a business and life coach, Master Mind Group Facilitator, and is the owner of Reach for the Sky Coaching.You can contact Christ at  713-303-7107 or email