Dreams and Beyond - Lucid Dreaming and You with Tobie Oidtmann

$ 35.00

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


A lucid dream is more than a vivid dream.  While having a lucid dream, the dreamer has a level of awareness that they are dreaming.  With practice, you can obtain dream control and take the dream in the direction that you desire.  Some people like to steer their dream into the world of exploration; taking flight into the wonderment of the Universe.  Lucid dreams can also be used to find solutions and even to help start or end habits


In this workshop you will learn:

  • What lucid dreaming is
  • How to recognize a lucid dream
  • Taking and increasing control during a lucid dream
  • Setting an intention for your dream
  • How to use meditation to prepare for a lucid dream

 Tobie Oidtmann, MA, LPC, CHt, is a psychotherapist and certified hypnotherapist.  She has been practicing in Houston since 1996.  Throughout her life she has been interested in and active in the spiritual community.  Tobie also leads two ‘Dreams and Beyond’ groups where the participants explore dreams and dreaming, dimensions, archetypes as well as other topics each week. Tobie's email:  tobie@dreamsandbeyond.net

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