Creating a Dreamcatcher for Releasing with Mariela Maya

$ 75.00

Awaken your inner artist while learning about this beautiful Native American sacred object
and its symbolism. In this workshop, Mariela will teach you how to create a Dreamcatcher as
you work with your intentions in a conscious and creative process.

You will learn:

• What a Dreamcatcher is

• The legend and meaning of the circle, web and feathers

• How to infuse it with your intention

• How to weave a Dreamcatcher as a meditation practice

• How to add beads and other meaningful elements
Materials included

No previous experience required, Class 10 people max, includes all materials to make your own dreamcatcher.

 Mariela Maya has been passionate about doing handcrafts since she
 was a little child. Handmade items not only are beautiful, but they
 become very special and meaningful when created from the heart.
 Mariela was introduced to the Dreamcatcher during a shamanic
 retreat in 1999. In addition to weaving her own dreamcatchers, she
has since incorporated it in her practice as a transformational guide
as one of various creative and inspiring tools for self-empowerment
aimed at bridging worlds by blending ancient wisdom with modern
ways of living. Mariela has used her extensive experience to assist
others in their awakening journey through private coaching, group
activities and soul-centered trips to sacred sites. For additional information, please visit and