Crystal Grids: What They Are and How To Use Them with Anna Silvernail

$ 45.00

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Do you collect crystals and would like to learn new ways to use them effectively? Would you like to learn how to use grids with your healing crystals? In this class, Certified Crystal Healer Anna Silvernail will cover all the basics on crystal grids—how to construct them, why you should use them, and how you can combine them with other tools to create lasting and positive change in your life. Learn:

-How crystal grids employ sacred geometry
-How you can easily build your own grids
-How to choose and combine crystals for the best results
-And much more!


Anna Silvernail is a published author certified in crystal healing, crystal shamanism, tarot and crystal reading, and plant-based nutrition. Anna combines basic science, intuitive wisdom, and metaphysics to help her students and clients employ powerful tools in practical ways to create positive change in their health, relationships, career, finances, spiritual path, and more. You can learn more at her website: