Crystals for Angel Connection with Anna Silvernail

$ 45.00

2:00 - 4:00

Are you looking to strengthen your connection to the angelic realm? Using crystals and stones helps you to hear, feel, see and know your angel's guidance and message.

In this class taught by certified crystal healer Anna Silver, you will:

  • Be introduced to angels and their roles in your life
  • Understand the 4 different types of angels
  • Discover 10 fantastic crystals to use for angel connection
  • Learn which unique stone enhances your connection with each archangel
  • Learn to use a crystal grid template for angel communication


 Anna Silvernail is a published author certified in crystal healing, crystal shamanism, tarot and crystal reading, and plant-based nutrition. Anna combines basic science, intuitive wisdom, and metaphysics to help her students and clients employ powerful tools in practical ways to create positive change in their health, relationships, career, finances, spiritual path, and more. You can learn more at her website: