Cultivating Awareness Guided Meditation: The Beginner's Mind June 22nd IN PERSON with Kimberley Cooper


Wednesday, June 22
10:30 am - 11:30 am

In-Person at Body Mind & Soul

Practicing Presence in Each Moment

Being present for what's happening in our lives is essential to lasting happiness. But, easier said than done! In this in-person experience, we'll practice simply being present through guided meditation finding our presence within each moment and each breath.

The class is designed to help bring awareness to each moment as it unravels and unfolds exactly the way it is intended, while at the same time training yourself to respond rather than react to what arises, exists and moves on. We’ll use meditation techniques such as tuning into our senses, becoming familiar with our own energy, and enabling alignment and coherence inside our bodies.

Monthly Theme: The Beginner's Mind

Meditation can be a grounding exercise for the mind and the body which can facilitate learning, appreciation, and acceptance of ourselves and others. It is a practice of cultivating awareness, noticing our inner narrative, the story we tell ourselves, giving it the opportunity to settle, take a much needed, albeit fleeting, rest. This in turn can create more space to heal, to grow stronger, more resilient and find peace and stillness. Come with an open, curious, beginner’s mind, lean in to the experience and see where it takes you. These classes are tailor made for beginners to advanced practitioners and everyone else in between.

Each class offers the opportunity for profound connection, transformation and liberation beyond thinking and thought so that we can all be fully present for our lives.

Please bring:

  • Yoga mat, blanket, meditation cushion and/or yoga block as we will be sitting on the floor. Students can sit in a chair if needed.
  • Notebook and writing utensil
  • Water for hydration

This listing is for in-person participation at Body Mind & Soul's physical location. Attendance will be limited to 12 participants.



Kimberley Cooper was born and raised in Scotland. After completing teacher training, and post-graduate studies in special needs, she travelled the globe for several years gaining insight, experiences, knowledge and education from all corners of the world. She is a certified NLP practitioner, holds certifications in Guidance, counselling, life-coaching, Reiki, and The Emotional Body Code. Her training in the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness have come from various teachers, including Robert Boustany, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Jose DeSilva, Michael Brown, Wayne Dyer and Dr. Joe Dispenza, Ram Dass and Goenka. Kimberley is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences, including how other cultures develop mindfulness through their unique meditation techniques and practices, using peace and space, she offers guidance to others to explore their perceived barriers, liberating each individual to live their absolute best lives. She has been raised on experiences; educated by life; awareness seeker; knowledge gatherer; laughter lover; wife; mother; writer; friend to many; work in progress. She has taught meditation and mindfulness for Unwind Meditation Studio since 2018.

General Class Information

If you need to cancel your workshop registration, please notify us 24 hours before the workshop begins. Failure to cancel a workshop registration will result in a full charge for the missed class. Our workshops often sell out and this policy allows others to enjoy our classes.

All our classes are considered to be open to age 18 and up, though specific classes may have a lower age limit set.  If a lower age limit is allowed in a class, then a minor may attend but still requires an adult guardian to be present. 

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