Day of the Dead: Get Wisdom From Your Ancestors with Melanie Harrell

$ 50.00

2-hour Class

Have you ever wished you could connect with an ancestor you never knew? Maybe you would like to find out from whom you inherited your red hair, or communicate with that eccentric great aunt you've heard so much about! Or maybe you would like to explore the origin of a shared family trait. Different from a past life regression, this class will allow you to connect with one or more of your biological ancestors. You can request someone specific or see who shows up! During this guided meditation we will:

  • follow energetic threads leading to our ancestors;
  • ask questions that pertain to you and/or your family lineage;
  • receive guidance that leads to understanding/healing for you personally and/or your family;
  • share with the group (optional).

We will experience the process twice, meaning we will connect with 2 ancestors.

Bring something very soft and cushy to lie on (like a thick sleeping bag and pillow), a blanket for warmth, bottled water, and a notebook for recording your experience. Please go light on caffeine and avoid alcohol beforehand. In this group setting we will be working with “light” issues. Deep or difficult issues should be handled privately.

Melanie Harrell, M.A., CH is a former CPA who now devotes her life to the healing arts. Her specialty is past life regression, and Melanie was trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D. Melanie and her client are featured in Dr. Weiss’s latest book Miracles Happen (pages 75-79). In addition to her hypnosis work, Melanie is a Reiki Alliance master and has taught Reiki classes regularly since 2001. She maintains a hypnosis and energy healing practice in Houston and offers private sessions as well as group classes. Contact Melanie at 713-906-4234 r  See her website at

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