Dowsing for Beginners: Learning to Use Your Pendulum with Kristina Woods

$ 40.00

Have you ever wondered if dowsing is for you? In this class you will learn the history of dowsing, how to prepare yourself and your pendulum/rods, how to phrase your questions for maximum accuracy, and how to interpret your responses. By learning to dowse, you will be empowered to get answers to challenging questions OR just have fun getting answers to every day dilemmas! 
Bring your pendulum or dowsing rods, or you can borrow from the store.
 Kristina is a medium, energy worker and Advanced Reiki practitioner who works with people,  animals, and spaces. She has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and spent many years  working in crisis, suicide and gun violence prevention and intervention in the non-profit field.    Kristina is committed to guiding humans toward a peaceful and loving coexistence with each other,  animals and the planet.