Energetic Boundaries 101: Simple methods to increase energetic protection with Kristina Woods

$ 50.00

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Do you experience what other people feel emotionally and physically? Maybe you are an empath! In this class you will learn:

  •  What it means to be an Empath
  • What it means to have weak boundaries 
  • The importance of strengthening your energetic boundaries
  • About your energetic fields/systems
  • Techniques to shore up your boundaries including working with intention, color, sound, water, stones, working with guidance and self-care

 Kristina is a medium, energy worker and Advanced Reiki practitioner who works with people,  animals, and spaces. She has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and spent many years  working in crisis, suicide and gun violence prevention and intervention in the non-profit field.    Kristina is committed to guiding humans toward a peaceful and loving coexistence with each other,  animals and the planet.