Seeking Balance Scented Candles

$ 20.00

These naturally-scented soy candlea from ROOT's Seeking Balance line are 6.5 ounces of essential oil bliss! Featuring a crackling wood wick and clear glass votive, these candles are sure to entice your senses year round.

  • Approximately 4" tall
  • Scents include: Entice (Orange & Clove), Energize (Rosemary Eucalyptus), Devote (Jasmine Myrrh), Detoxify (Spearmint & Tea Tree Oil), Awaken (Basil & Lime), Enlighten (Cedar Verbena), Illuminate (Juniper Rosewood), Invigorate (Pomelo Pine), Seduce (Patchouli & Anise), Relax (Geranium Lavender), Meditate (Vetiver & Olibanum)

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