For Love and Money: The Astrology of Money and Love Relationships, 2018 -2019 with Dan Furst

$ 30.00

Dan Furst is well known at BMS for his book signings and astrology readings. He returns in August to sign his new book The Rain on the Nile, to do private readings and talk about a topic of immediate interest to us all: how planet transits this year and in 2019 affect our finances and our love lives in a time of profound change and uncertainty.

Dan’s talk will cover the charts of the first seven participants who pre register so they can see how planet transits affect them personally. If you’d like him to comment on your chart and transits, please make sure to give BMS your full name, birth date, time and place by Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018 in addition to your pre-payment for this workshop.

Dan will do Astrocartography and Astrology readings
at BMS Saturday. Aug. 4 - Tuesday, Aug. 7.

Astrocartography ($150) covers locational topics, and your best
places in the world, as well as your birth chart.

Astrology Chart readings ($125) focus on the timing of your best
windows of opportunity for moving toward your goals.

Both readings include mp4 video recordings of your session.

Dan’s newest book, The Rain on the Nile, tells the famous ancient
Egyptian mythic story of Isis asnd Osiris as a play with music and
21st-century technologies of light and sound.
“Dan Furst is one of the best out there.”
Rob Brezsny, Free Will Astrology
Reservations and Appointments: (713) 993 - 0550,

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