Houston Astrology Group Monthly Meeting: MANIFESTING VENUS with Christy Hall

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7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

$20.00 (please pay at the door)

In this talk, Christy will discuss the scientific facts, psychological implications, and related myths involving Venus as well as the correlations between these 3 types of knowledge.  By learning about the relationship between Venus, the Sun and Earth, you will know why this “symbol for the heart” looks nothing like the human heart and why a pentagon holds the meaning of protection.  What is the difference between a morning star and evening star Venus?  Why do poisonous weapons appear in myths involving Venus lessons? 

The talk will also include new paradigms like Chaos Theory and other concepts that can be applied to the knowledge of the Sun:Venus synodic cycle and illuminate ideal times to use intention to dream and attract new images into your life.  Manifesting Venus will help you understand how Venus works to serve your best interest as a magnet and mirror in your life and how you can act in small, practical ways that support change.

A practicing astrologer since 2009, Christy Hall was a founding member of Astrological Society of Austin and is currently serving on the board of Astrological Society of North Texas. With a diploma from Glenn Perry's AstroPsychology Program and Level 1 NCGR certification, she consults with clients and teaches classes on Manifesting Venus and also Lunar Phases. She has lectured on Hero Myths, Venus, Lunar phases and more. She is also on the board of AFAN, the Association For Astrological Networking, a global non-profit dedicated to enhancing the role astrology has in today’s society.