Houston Astrology Group Monthly Meeting

$ 0.00

The Houston Astrological Society presents an evening lecture  with

                      Robert Brown 

                    "How I Approach a Reading"   

                            Cost:  $20.00 at the door


There are as many ways to approach an astrological reading as there are astrologers. Robert  Brown is a seasoned astrologer, with not only technical savvy, but wisdom, insight and psychic ability. He will share his approach to reading a chart - from explaining the Sun sign, rising sign, and Moon signs to forecasting transits, career, financial, relationship matters, and optimal locations to live. Additionally, he does an uncanny reading of a spread of playing cards which gives his clients a good picture of what will be happening in their lives in relation to relatives, friends, and loved ones. 


Robert E. Brown is a native Houstonian. He has worked with his intuition since 1984 when he began channeling for groups in Houston. His first clients were at local psychic fairs and the Texas Renaissance Festival. He has written his astrology column “Writings in the Sky” for the Indigo Sun Magazine since 1994. Robert has furthered his metaphysical lifestyle through the study of meditation and yoga. An avid seeker, he has studied the teachings of some of the world’s great spiritual teachers. “I am a big fan of Ammachi and the Dalai Lama.” Robert feels astrology is an ongoing study. He is always learning in order to remain proficient at his craft. www.writingsinthesky.com