Igniting your Inner Diamond with Julie Umpleby from the UK and Mariela Maya

$ 33.00

This experiential Diamond Journey will introduce you to your own diamond and its alignments within your own energy fields that enable you to experience the exquisiteness of your own inner light.

The diamond or sacred octahedron is ultimately the sacred geometric form that is symbolic of the heart. However, more than just a symbol, the diamond configuration accesses and initiates the flow of divine currents, expanding your heart to a new level of connection with your Universal SELF. 

During the workshop we will initiate your inner diamond journey using sacred essences, guided visualization, invocations, energy field dowsing and additional light-encoded geometries (Light Codes) to bring your energy fields into cohesiveness and alignment. Through the process you will learn how to connect instantly with your own diamond and begin embodying it.


From Julie: "I am deeply committed to bringing you as much insight and understanding as possible to assist you in moving forward on your spiritual journey, using the essence of your own diamond as a key to your progression. Even while my own journey has been coloured with many amazing experiences and teachers, the ultimate understanding comes from our own source connection and from going within. 

This is the purpose of the diamond - to reconnect you with the very heart of your essence, and to allow that to be your navigator. Your diamond is the heart, the love, the joy, courage, wisdom and deeper knowing of your own Soul. Flowing through the grand, universal diamond grid is the Sacred wisdom of the ages, the truths of the universe, ever unfolding and creating."