Space Clearing for Beginners with Kristina Woods

$ 40.00

 Did you know that your home has an energy field just like you? Homes and offices retain energetic residue from previous occupants and experiences. Even though we can’t see this energy, we can feel it! In this class you will learn basic clearing techniques including marking your boundaries, rock salt burns, and smudging. We will also discuss the universal Law of Correspondences and how to apply it creatively to space clearing. Then we will test our new skills! 
A basic understanding of dowsing is required for this class; please bring your pendulum or dowsing rods or you can borrow from the store. If you are new to dowsing, please register for Kristina’s morning dowsing class so you will be prepared for the space clearing class.

 Kristina is a medium, energy worker and Advanced Reiki practitioner who works with people,  animals, and spaces. She has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and spent many years  working in crisis, suicide and gun violence prevention and intervention in the non-profit field.    Kristina is committed to guiding humans toward a peaceful and loving coexistence with each other,  animals and the planet.