Private Sessions with Source Through Elliott Eli Jackson

$ 130.00

Please call us to book an appointment 713-993-0550
Both days: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Monday and Tuesday, August 15 and 16
$70.00 - per 30 minute reading or $130.00 - per 1 hour reading

Have verbal communication directly with Source, through Elliott. The answers provided are of love, they are universal truths that only Source can give in the manner in which they do. The answers will assist anyone in becoming happy and successful in life. A session could change your life forever.

Please call Body Mind & Soul at 713-993-0550

Elliott is the New Age author of the breakout books From God to You: Absolute Truth, and The Sapiential Discourses Universal Wisdom. Elliott travels the globe presenting interactive workshops. Thousands have attended across America. Elliott does a monthly message from Source for the prestigious New Age publication The Sedona Journal of Emergence, and the online Eden Magazine