Kundalini and the Spiritual Fast Track with Melanie Harrell

$ 40.00

2:00 to 4:00 pm

Kundalini . . . the mysterious energy coiled three and a half times at the base of your spine . . .

  •  Is it real? (yes)
  •  If it awakens, does it mean you are enlightened? (no)
  •  Is it safe to deliberately try to awaken it? (that depends)
  •  What is it awakens and you aren’t ready for it? (let's talk about that!)

Melanie Harrell experienced a premature Kundalini awakening in 1996 and spent 7 years recovering. Her confusion about the process led her to graduate school, where she explored Gopi Krishna's work on Kundalini. This discussion includes how to recognize a Kundalini awakening; how to help someone going through it (or yourself!), the four qualities of enlightenment and more.

Please bring a cushion or blanket to sit on. Chairs will be available if you prefer. Suggested reading: Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening, published by Sounds True.  Available at Body Mind & Soul.