Crystal Bowl Introduction Class with Daniel Brower

$ 75.00

The crystal bowl is a powerful instrument for generating sounds, frequencies and vibrations that can be useful for harmonizing the body, mind and Spirit.

It is also helpful in opening the Heart and the Cosmic Antenna, clearing and opening the chakras, producing a profound sense of relaxation and as a wonderful complement to many kinds of therapies. All this depends on how the bowl is played and used.

This class is designed to teach the most effective way to produce these results and to stimulate the student to dream up his/her best uses for the crystal bowl. The class includes:

  • information about where and when the bowls appeared, their role in today’s world, as well as how to care for and appreciate them.
  • instruction in how to “tune” the bowl to certain frequencies for more specific work with sound and vibration, including the A/432 musical scale
  •  the frequencies considered beneficial for eliminating certain dis-eases and dis-orders and returning the body to its natural Divine Order and Harmony.

No prior experience is necessary, nor is there need to have a bowl to participate in the class. Bowls will be available for everyone to play and learn.

 Offered by Daniel Brower, founder and director of Circle of Sound, an international family of crystal  bowl players… Daniel has 20 years experience with crystal bowls and is  playing them now more than ever.  Contact him at or 713-575-7671.