Learning to Embrace the Divine Darkness: An Autobiography with Kim McSherry

$ 25.00

Long before She became the Wicked Witch of fairy tales (Maleficent), the evil succubus who drains the life force of innocent children (Lilith), or the Sirens of Homer who seduces seafaring men to their deaths, She was revered and held in high esteem as The Goddess of Necessity, The Death Crone who granted passage from the pain of this world to the peace of the next, and the keeper of the fertility mysteries which guaranteed an abundant harvest for the faithful. 

Today, the invocation of any one of Her many names (Kali, Hecate, Lilith, Hele, Tiamat, etc.) inspires the same sense of awe and respect as it did thousands of years ago, before She was deemed evil and imprisoned in the dungeon of unconsciousness to become the stuff of nightmares. 

As The Divine Feminine awakens to take its place in a more conscious collective expression, it is essential that we remember the sacred purpose of the Dark Goddess and return Her to a place of glory and honor bestowed upon Her in “herstory”.  

It is time to heal the thousands of years of misunderstanding and fears projected onto this powerful and divine force of Nature and embrace her once again.  


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