Life Mastery: Balancing Work & Play with Sandra J Filer

$ 40.00

To live a purposeful life based on your core values and deepest desires, one must become masterful at finding a balance between work & play. 

If you are feeling overworked, overcommitted, anxious, depleted, and/or just plain tired, this is for you.   Discover how to create sanity in your busy life.  Sandra will be sharing easy-to-implement ways to release control, disappoint people, embrace perceived selfishness, and make a play date.  

The key in Life Mastery is reclaiming your Life.  One step in that process is integrating play into your day! Join us in taking a big step toward experiencing more joy and personal fulfillment.  

  Sandra J Filer, MBA is a gifted artist, author, beauty & fashion consultant, retreat leader, speaker, and licensed Heal Your Life® coach & workshop leader. She is the owner of a delightful enterprise, The Happy Goddess.  You can also find Sandra on the 3rd Monday of each month leading her radical self-care Meetup group!