Maps of Power

$ 23.95

Astrocartography of the Great, the Beautiful and the Terrible by Dan Furst.

Maps of Power, the second book in Astrologer Dan Furst’s Astrocartography series, is about people he never met, but almost every astrologer wishes he or she could have read for. It uses planetary maps generated by Astrocartography (ACG) to tell the stories of 28 famous political and military leaders, spiritual figures, writers, movie actors and directors, athletes, saints and workers of horrific misery in the world. Each chapter covers the life of one famous person, or two linked in marriage, creative collaboration or opposition, to show how the planet lines on the ACG maps tell uncanny stories – how in gaining triumph and suffering defeat, they win their most brilliant goals and run in vain after bizarre illusions. 

Maps of Power is a work of history and mythology, too. It focuses on the deepest core questions of how these extraordinary lives could have chosen their sacred contracts – and followed them to love and glory, or to the darkest horrors. This book shows how astrocartography can be used to illuminate any life, however great or seemingly ordinary, and track the thread and aim of its soul mission.

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