Mastering Feng Shui Basics with Julie Britt

$ 125.00

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
(includes a light break with refreshments)

If you’ve attempted to learn Feng Shui on your own, you may have found it impossible to make sense of this ancient, mysterious philosophy. Tibetan Feng Shui expert and holistic life coach Julie Britt has heard this lament so often she designed a program especially for beginners.By concentrating on a few basics,you can make sense of Feng Shui principles and start making changes immediately. Once you master the basics, you’ll be ready to tackle Feng Shui’s more complex aspects.

At this workshop, you will -

  • Learn the history of Tibetan Feng Shui and gain an understanding of how it works
  • Experience chí (the unseen energy connecting you to all things in the Universe) as it feels moving through your body
  • Uncover which two Feng Shui elements are absolutely essential for success
  • Pinpoint which areas of your home relate to specific areas of your life
  • Get advice on real-life issues you’d care to discuss in the group

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